Mike King brings I AM HOPE to Waikaraka Park


Recently named New Zealander of the year Mike King is confirmed to speak in front of players and families at the Waikaraka Park clubrooms, Onehunga at 6.30 pm, Tuesday March 12th.

We say their pleas can no longer be ignored!

The Key to Life Charitable Trust believes it is time to stop throwing negatives at the problem of suicide and to start throwing positives at the solution! We need to start talking about suicide. Not about “how” (which can sometimes lead to suicide contagion), but definitely about “why” people become so desperate that they feel they can’t go on. When you ask questions, you find answers.

Empowering communities through trust and education encourages them to become an integral part of the solution and will drive inter-generational attitudinal social change needed to reverse the incidence of suicide and depression.

WPSS is thrilled to be able to offer this opportunity to our members to gain further insight and education into an issue that is challenging awesome young people throughout this great nation.

We please ask you make a gold coin donation on your way into the club.

Leigh Kenyon